Curelight is FDA and Health Canada Approved

A special kind of bacteria called p. acnes is responsible for the inflammation of your acne lesions. The Curelight uses high intensity blue violet light that activates phototoxic substances present in acne bacteria. Curelight acne treatment is among the safest skin treatments available. The light emitted is UV FREE.

Its safety and efficacy have been tested on thousands of patients. The treatment is PAINLESS. 8 to 10 treatments will guarantee results. In order to maintain these results, you will need to follow a mandatory daily routine. This will insure you optimal and permanent results without the use of antibiotics or topicals. PHOTOTHERAPY will not cause unwanted pigmentation changes, used on ALL skin types. No burns in the summer and no unwanted facial hair.

Also Effective For
  • Veins
  • Tatoo Removal
  • Pigmentation
Laser Hair Removal. Its Everywhere!

Anti Aging Laser Clinic and Wellness Centre offers Laser Hair Removal. Unlike other sites and spas, we will not explain how laser hair removal works, nor discuss our laser machine's approval by Health Canada and the FDA, nor how effective it is. We will, however, address the importance of seeking out a reputable clinic, treatment center, or spa; namely, one that is well-established and employs a laser-device whose technology has been deemed safe for many years so that the medical field has proven the application and its results, in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the device.

At Anti Aging and Laser Clinic and Wellness Center we also take into account the training and the experience of the person operating the device.

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