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At Anti Aging and Laser Clinic and Wellness Center we also take into account the training and the experience of the person operating the device.

Be advised that the process involved in becoming a "laser technician" may only take a weekend; therefore, on the advice of Health Canada, we suggest that consumers ask questions or for referrals, and to check whether the laser device in question is licensed.

Is there a Doctor on staff?

It is important that a Doctor be available to answer all your questions, and to address your additional concerns regarding:
  • Burns
  • Pigmentary Changes
  • Possible Scarring
  • Reactivation of Herpes Viruses (even paradoxical)
  • Hypertrichosis (the growth of unwanted hair)
  • Eye complications (which may occur if the eyes have been inadequately protected)
Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware
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